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Looking for private label specialty foods and wholesale canned foods? Gourmet Gardens has everything you need to offer your customers a tasty product.

Private Labeling allows our distributors to provide their customers with the delicious sweet and savory taste of Gourmet Gardens and take all the credit for it. We offer a yummy variety of private label specialty foods, including our famous pickles and pickled goodies, addicting salsas, mouth-watering BBQ sauce, delicious salad dressings, and much, much more!

As one of the most popular business trends in the market today, Private Labeling is a smart and strategic move for your company. Simply put, Private Labeling, also called White Labeling, means you put your label on our products and sell them as your products to your customers. This helps position your company as an authority in the market, increase loyalty to your brand, and effortlessly expand your product line.

Gourmet Gardens is one of the leading private label food manufacturers in the market, which is why our clients are proud distributors of our products. All our sellers enjoy the many vendor benefits we offer, including uncompromising quality and wholesale pricing on all our food products.

You can quickly get started with Gourmet Gardens’ private labeling program today:

  • The initial private label setup is FREE.
  • All you need is a minimum order of 10 cases to start.
  • We offer free shipping with orders of 30 cases or more.

To start, all you need is to place your order and provide us with your digital artwork. We’ll handle the rest and get your order shipped to you as soon as possible.

If you are ready to place your first Gourmet Gardens order for our tasty white label food products, or if you would like to learn more about our process and why businesses love to partner with us, give us a call. We will help you understand the entire process and get your first order ready to ship.