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Wholesale Private Label Pickles & Pickled Veggies

Gourmet Gardens Pickles, Pickled Quail Eggs, and more!

Gourmet Gardens’ pickles and pickled goodies are, without a doubt, the most popular private label specialty food we offer. Tasty and fresh with limited preservatives, our wide variety of pickles, pickled quail eggs, and other pickled products are some of our customers’ favorite comfort foods.

Want a tasty and healthy treat with minimal preservatives? Gourmet Gardens’ private label pickles are not just delicious. They’re also rich in vitamins and antioxidants. Our yummy pickles help digestion, fight diseases, replenish electrolytes, and more.

Handcrafted from fresh and locally sourced vegetables and ingredients, each of our more than 50 private label pickled goodies is made with minimal preservatives to maintain its nutritional benefits.

Wholesale Private Label Pickles

Gourmet Gardens offers wholesale private label pickles and pickled vegetables to grocery stores, restaurants, local food markets, and other retailers that want to build their brand and expand their product line with quality private label specialty foods.

Give your customers the gift of yum, and take all the credit for it with private label pickles and pickled goodies.

Why Private Label Pickles?

Getting private label specialty foods is an excellent way for your retailer to build trust with your customers and easily expand your provide line. By putting your logo on tasty and healthy pickles and other snacks from Gourmet Gardens, you are offering your shoppers an exclusive experience with a product they can only get from you.

Wholesale pricing for our sweet fire pickles, pickled quail eggs, and more is available when you become a Gourmet Gardens distributor. There’s no setup fee for our private labeling services. Just a minimum order quantity of 10 cases. Free shipping is available for qualifying orders of 30 cases or more. Learn more about our private label specialty foods.

Watch your profit margins skyrocket with private label pickles from Gourmet Gardens. Your customers will go out of their way to shop at your store and satisfy their pickled cravings. We know because it happens all the time.

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