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Gourmet Gardens is the original old-fashioned gourmet canning company. Though we are recognized as industry leaders today, we are proud of our humble beginnings which took place in our small home kitchen with fruits from our family orchard in East Texas more 30 years ago. We have and always will honor what has made us successful: beautifully hand-crafted products with simple ingredients labeled with your brand and delivered to you with honest and diligent service.

We have maintained national prominence by partnering with businesses like yours – from general stores, truck stops and farm markets to gift shops, grocers and hardware stores. Coast to coast, young and old, people from all walks of life enjoy our products and that is why they excel in almost any type of establishment.

We at Gourmet Gardens are dedicated to promoting your brand through an extensive private label program at no extra cost to you. Our nostalgic, tasty gourmet products combined with your reputation of delivering only the best to your customers is certainly a winning combination. We understand that your customers know and trust your name and that our business succeeds only after helping yours flourish.

Today, we offer more than 150 products ranging from pickles, pickled vegetables and hand stuffed olives, to fruit preserves, cobblers and fruit butters, to relishes, salsas and dips. Some of our all-time winners include Peachy Peach Halves, Spicy Pickled Quail Eggs and Candied Jalapenos. We are most proud of our staple items like Pickled Asparagus and Chow Chow which are reminiscent of the old days when grandma did her own canning.