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Private Label Relishes

Get tasty relishes from Gourmet Gardens like chow chow, sauerkraut, and much more!

Gourmet Gardens is best known for our delicious variety of private label pickles and pickled goodies. And our yummy relishes are no exception. Provide your customers with an array of bold and unique flavors, including our famous chow chow, classic German sauerkraut, delicious corn relish, and other great recipes.

Whether you run a grocery store, market, or restaurant, your customers will love the delicious variety of private label relishes you can offer them through Gourmet Gardens. Private labeling allows you to put your name and logo on the delicious relishes, pickled vegetables, or stuffed olives we handcraft from scratch and take all the credit for it.

Private labeling expands your product line without any additional work on your part. It also lets shoppers know where they can get the delicious chow chow and other relishes that they love—EXCLUSIVELY FROM YOU!

Become a distributor and set up your private label account for free with a minimum order quantity of 10 cases. Orders of 30 cases get free shipping. Place your order and upload your artwork to get your first shipment delivered fast! Learn more about Gourmet Gardens’ private labeling services.