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Private Label Syrups

Gourmet Gardens produces deliciously crafted private label syrups for restaurants, grocery stores, local markets, and retailers throughout the United States. If you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind syrup to offer under your brand name, look no further than Gourmet Gardens.

We offer a variety of yummy syrups, perfect as an ice cream topping, delicious bacon drizzle, salad dressing ingredient, and, of course, for classic pancakes.

Our syrups are made from locally grown ingredients with minimal preservatives. Your customers will come back for more of our mouth-watering recipes, including apple cinnamon, blackberry, and toasted pecan.

Why Offer Private Label Syrup?

Offering private label syrups allow you to provide an exclusive and unique brand of syrup to your shoppers. By adding your own logo and business name to our yummy product, you give your customers a reason to come back for a taste they’ll only get from you.

There is no setup fee for private label syrups. You just need to order 10 cases to get started. Shipping is free if you order at least 30 cases. We also offer sample cases so you can experience the mouth-watering flavors that will cause your customers to fall in love with your product.

Put your label and logo on our tasty syrups to expand your product line and watch your profit margins sore. Place your order of any private label syrup you fancy today and upload your artwork to get started. Learn more about our private label specialty foods.