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Private Label Salad Dressings

Taste the difference of Gourmet Gardens with our flavorful, handcrafted salad dressings. Whether you’re a restaurant owner, grocery store manager, or local retailer looking for quality private label dressings to provide your guests, we invite you to shop our variety of salad dressing flavors.

From our classic balsamic vinaigrette to our unique recipes like Sweet Apple Honey Mustard, your customers will love the mouth-watering experience you offer them. All our dressings are specially made with fresh, locally sourced ingredients and minimal preservatives.

Private Label Salad Dressing

Stop serving generic, big name salad dressings and give your customers your own name brand secret recipe they’ll tell all their friends about. Gourmet Gardens provides our distributors with high quality private label salad dressings so they can take credit for their customers’ satisfaction.

Private labeling communicates quality to your customers. When they see your logo on their salad dressing, they trust you as an expert and know that they can’t get their new favorite salad dressing anywhere else.

Wholesale prices are available to all our distributors, and salad dressing private labeling is free to set up with a minimum order quantity of 10 cases. Or get 30 cases to qualify for free shipping. You can learn more about private label services here.

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