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Salsa = America’s favorite condiment

Gourmet Gardens has over 15 mouth-watering and addicting private label salsa recipes, perfect as dips, toppings, or cooking ingredients. We offer classic salsa like tomatillo, chile, and black bean and corn. Suit your fancy with spice levels ranging from mild to extremely hot, and everything in between.

All our private label salsas are made from scratch using fresh, tasty, and locally grown ingredients to deliver the most robust flavors possible. And we use minimal preservatives because we are committed to providing our distributors with healthy, natural specialty food products.

We are confident that the variety of salsa recipes you can offer your customers through Gourmet Gardens will leave them saying, "More please!"

Wholesale Private Label Salsas

We offer private label salsa at wholesale prices to our distributors. Whether you own a grocery store, local market, or restaurant, your customers will love the unique flavors of Gourmet Gardens salsas.

With private label salsas, we put your brand and logo on our salsas. You get to give your customers the addicting tastes Gourmet Gardens is known for and take all the credit for it. Private labeling allows your store to introduce new products and boost your profit margins with minimal extra work.

Becoming a distributor is easy, and private label setup is free with a minimum order quantity of 10 cases. Learn more about our private label specialty foods.