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Recipes / Fruit Cobbler Recipe: Cobbler A La Mode

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Wonderfully scrumptious--that's the only way to describe it. Pick your fruit: Country Apple, Peach, Blackberry or Cherry.

Yummy. Can you imagine that? Pie in a Jar. Better yet: Cobbler in a Jar. Only from Gourmet Gardens--the original.

Pick your favorite ice cream. Spoon on some fruit cobbler right from the jar. Or to warm your belly and enhance your mouth orgasm--after removing the jar lid, microwave the jar for 45 seconds, and smother your ice cream of choice with some mouth warming cobbler. Or skip the ice cream entirely and satisfy your craving and devour your fruit cobbler directly from the jar.


  • Bowl of ice cream of your choice
  • Jar of Gourmet Gardens Fruit Cobbler
  • Spoon it on
  • Enjoy