About Gourmet Gardens

Gourmet Gardens was the first to create home-style food for a gourmet market concept. Because of a combination of American-based recipes and our private labeling program, the company continues to flourish and grow every year.

But it's not just that. Cooking is our passion and it shows in each and every product.

What you see today and what Gourmet Gardens offers you are premium food products to fit anyone's palate with your name emblazoned on the label. And as consumers continue their quest for more health-conscious products, our tradition of high quality taste with limited preservatives keeps growing in appeal.

The Gourmet Gardens family derives satisfaction from seeing your name prosper and grow.

We do that with over 170 fresh products. From classic tastes like chow chow, jams and preserves to salsas, pickles, relishes and salad dressings, there's something that will absolutely appeal to your customers and keep them coming back for more. Our pickled items are our biggest hit, and our products are ready to ship, making it convenient for customers to place an order and get it in stores quickly.

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